What’s New with Dark Alley

Dark Alley goes residential! Dark Alley Paranormal we begin conducting investigations of residential homes and buildings. The typical ghost hunting locations that Dark Alley has been involved with in the past has been large scale haunted buildings such as hospitals and asylums.

Residential investigations should lead to even more evidence for Dark Alley. Helping people better understand what may be going on in their homes will be a very rewarding experience for Darrk Alley.

If you have a location that you would like us to investigate please contact us.

Dark Alley has acquired 2 new pieces of ghost hunting equipment. The Guass Master E.M.F. detector and the popular K-II E.M.F. detector. The Guass Master emits and audible tone when it detects higher than normal E.M.F.’s in an area. The K-II meter uses a series of lights to signify how high the E.M.F. is in a given area. The K-II meter that we purchased has a push on-off button. Older models had a button on them that needed to be depressed in order to work.


Below are some paranormal groups and locations that Dark Alley is affiliated with.
Ghost Adventures Crew

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The Washoe Club

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum