Our Members

Aaron Sulser – Founder and Lead Investigator

Aaron started Dark Alley Paranormal Investigators in 2008 in a response to the growing popularity of paranormal investigation and ghost hunting. Aaron wanted to form a group that anyone could join for a thrill seeking adventure.

His background in paranormal research began with a trip to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville Kentucky. His group at that time consisted of 5 others and was able to investigate the entire building by themselves. Aaron heard strange sounds, captured EVP’s and was at one point “touched” by something that wasn’t visible.

Aaron returned to Waverly a few months later and again experienced some things that could not be explained.

Sarah Sulser – Co-Founder, Treasurer, Social Media Director

Sarah’s paranormal work began when husband, Aaron went to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in April of 2008. She has since become a a key part of how Dark Alley is run and maintained.

Sarah and Aaron investigated Waverly Hills together in September of 2009. They were the only two people in the entire building and were able to capture a man’s voice on a recorder. They also had a few strange experiences in their hotel room just a mile away from the sanatorium.

Ghosts and the paranormal realm has always intrigued Sarah and has led her to this position.

Austin Rausch – Lead Investigator

Due to a family history of paranormal experiences, Austin has always been intrigued with the concept of spiritual anomalies. He may not be able to prove the existence of life after death, but he is very determined to try. With an extensive knowledge in Psychology, science and Parapsychology, Austin is on a never ending adventure with his colleagues at Dark Alley to find the truth.

Alex Meiring – Investigator

Growing up in the small town of Fort Recovery, Ohio, Alex developed an interest in the paranormal due to two major historical battles that took place between the English and the Indians in Fort Recovery. These two battles resulted in a few thousand deaths and has led the way for numerous ghost stories, myths, and urban legends. Alex is a believer, but needs the definitive proof to validate his beliefs. The only way to accomplish this is to seek out the truth with the help of Dark Alley Paranormal.

Alex currently resides in Dublin, Ohio with his wife Krista and their Yorkshire terrier Bowser. In his free time he enjoys sports, comic books and movies. Although Alex has never had an encounter with the paranormal, he knows the answers are out there, waiting to be discovered.

Jeff Fent – Case Manager

Jeff first became interested in the paranormal in the late 1990′s while living in a house that was haunted. He was able to take pictures inside the home and always get 1 picture in a particular room with a ghostly image on it. He learned many years later that a previous owner had passed away in that very room. After that he has been on a journey to learn as much as he can about the paranormal. A few years back Jeff helped form a group that has been able to do quite well at capturing evidence from residential investigations. Jeff hopes to be able to help Dark Alley out any way he can.

Jeff has a home here in Columbus, Ohio which he shares with his wife and son.

Bethany Jester- Investigator

Although Bethany did not have an experience before attending an investigation at Waverly Hills, she has always been interested in the paranormal. She is currently attending college and is a hotel manager in Hilliard, Ohio.

Chris Blose

Christopher became interested in the paranormal in the early 1990′s when he had an odd experience in a home in Chicago. He and his brother-in-law Jeff Fent founded a paranormal investigation group in 2007 before joining Dark Alley Paranormal in 2011. As a former police officer, he hopes to use his investigative skills to help prove the existence of ghosts and paranormal activity. Chris currently lives in Dublin Ohio!

Katy Taylor – Investigator

Katy’s interest in the paranormal began by watching shows such as “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Adventures.” She currently lives in Columbus, Ohio and is a cosmetologist when not exploring the paranormal world.

Marcie Hoerig – Investigator

Beginning in childhood with an experience of being visited by her grandfather after he had
passed away, the paranormal has always been a part of Marcie’s life. Instead of pretending these things don’t exist, she has accepted the fact that there is more out there than meets the eye. If you just open your mind to the possibility you would be surprised at what you might find. With that open mind, however, it is equally important to Marcie that one also uses reasoning when investigating reports of the paranormal. She likens it to being a paranormal Sherlock Holmes although her family says she is more like Velma from Scooby-Doo.
Her motto: “A mystery is a mystery, paranormal or not, which needs solving.”